Sensory Underresponsivity

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Sensory Underresponsivity
Fri, 03-08-2013 - 3:54pm

I wanted to pass along this informative article on sensory underresponsivity:

From the article, here are some common symptoms of SUR: 

Visual: loses place when reading, complains of eyes being tired

Auditory: does not respond to name being called, may hum while working on a task

Olfactory: does not notice a strong odor in the refrigerator that others instantly notice

Taste: does not notice or care if foods are spicy or bland

Vestibular: does not voluntarily choose to play on playground equipment, preferring sedentary tasks

Tactile: may not notice if they get hurt or bumped

Proprioception: slumps in chair or leans on walls, may have weak muscles

Interoception: has toileting accidents, unaware of feeling hungry, poor awareness of where body is in space

Is anyone dealing with this in their child?