sleep and calming techniques??

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sleep and calming techniques??
Fri, 06-05-2009 - 5:34am
Some of you may recognize me from other boards but I am in a real bind and our OT and Behavioralist suggested I get advice...

Aidan is 2.5yrs but dev. more like a nine month old, and has always been an atrocious sleeper.
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Mon, 06-08-2009 - 9:36am
I have never had this issue, but have heard of other spd moms who have. Could he be moving around and waking himself? I would think the sleep study would be a good thing at this point to rule out anything else. ((HUGS)) I hope you get some answers.


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Wed, 06-10-2009 - 4:13pm

For us, getting tonsils out made a HUGE difference.

As far as routines. It sounds like you've got a good grip on your child and need to just help him relax and do it. (Sounds easy, for us, it would have been an hour plus of sitting in his room just to be there)

If calming him by "rolling" on the ball, you can make that part of your routine. Then, under the blankets and a weighted blanket/doll on top then just stay with him.

When it is summer, we still use a small dose of melatonin and that makes a world of difference. It took us a while to figure out the dosage and timing for this, but now it is wonderful. We didn't even know this was an option until he was over 4, so I don't know how young to use it. There is a homeopathic remedy by Hylands to help kids relax. You might also want to look into other homeopathic if you believe in it.

I wish I had more advice because we've been there! There is a great book called, "Sleepless in America: Is your child misbehaving or missing sleep" that really helped us. It doesn't have any "cures" in it, but was still great and empowering.

Good Luck!

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Fri, 07-10-2009 - 11:13pm

You could do your own sleep study at home by setting up a video camera or getting a video baby monitor. I would first try to get down to the root of the problem and then you can better find solutions.

I went back to rocking my Daughter and also got a white noise machine for her room which helped to soothe her.

I think you will just need to keep trying some different techniques until you hit on something that will work.

He is clearly not getting enough sleep if he is falling asleep during the day like that.

I would ask about possibly getting a sleep study done. They do it on babies and children. They may be able to see something that you can't at this point.

I am sorry you are all losing sleep over this. My Hanna was like this too. UGH! I am finally getting sleep for the most part now that she is 7, but she will still toss and turn and whine in the night and then wake up grumpy and tired.

I hope you can figure out all this soon. Lots of prayers coming your way.


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Wed, 07-15-2009 - 8:32am

What does the ped say? Did anyone check him for apnea. If he can fall asleep but can't stay asleep something is waking him. Is he having night terrors? What is he eating before bed? How about the routine? A sleep study sounds like agood idea. But if you think it seizures, have you seen a neurologist who specializes in seizures. There are tests that can be done in the hospital to see if he is seizing at night. My oldest had it done twice.

Good luck

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Wed, 08-05-2009 - 3:03pm

Hi Kyra,

Both of my children have been diagnosed with SID (or Sensory Processing Disorder, which is the latest term for it).

delighted mother of Micah (5) and Hannah (2 1/2)