Sorry to all of you- explanation inside

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Sorry to all of you- explanation inside
Fri, 03-04-2005 - 9:42pm


I am sorry I have not been the most attentative cl the past few weeks.




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Fri, 03-04-2005 - 9:50pm


I'm so sorry to hear it's been an eventful pg thus far. I hope your smooth sailing now. I'll keep you all in my prayers.


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Fri, 03-04-2005 - 11:09pm

Congrats, how exciting! Heres some *sticky* vibes.

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Sat, 03-05-2005 - 9:09am
Oh I am so happy for you!!!!!!(((((((((HUGS)))))))))) You just take care of you and baby.I am wishing you many many happy thoughts.I will keep your family in my prayers.Good luck.Tammy
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Sat, 03-05-2005 - 1:47pm


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy about your pregnancy! That is so exciting. I will be sure to continue to pray for you and your little one through this entire pregnancy. I am so excited for you - I loved being pregnant. Whenever I hear of someone being pregnant I get that itch to have another one, but in reality I know that will be years away. Try to take it easy. I know it is going to be hard; especially with Olivia and a puppy. Thank you for sharing the exciting news with us and I am so sorry I didn't know about all your losses. I wish I could of been there for you during those difficult times. God Bless you and your family :)

Be sure to keep us updated on dr. appts, sonograms and all that baby stuff ;)


p.s. My cousin had a blood clot in her uterus and it eventually went away and she gave birth to a healthy 9 lb. baby boy :)

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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 1:35pm
Congratulations Rachel! Sticky vibes to that little baby! You know I mentioned to you before that I had 3 losses after Marissa and before Noah, so I understand how you are feeling right now. I had spotting, etc with noah too. It was a long first trimester. I hope it passes quicker for you. I have hoping you were pg from your post saying you were on bed rest ;) Congrats again!
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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 3:28pm

No apology needed doll!

Wow! Have you had a full plate! My heavens! Look at you holding out on us..

but truly understandable & completely forgiveable~~

All we can do now is walk along this with you & provide as much unconditional support as we can!

A puppy?


Now that you're *out* you must keep us up to snuff on the details!


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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 5:18pm

Congrats Rachel!!!!
I am so happy for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Make sure you take care of you and check in when you can. We will understand.


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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 8:37pm

Thank you ladies, and sorry again for not saying anything earlier.



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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 10:30pm

Well that is a super reason to b busy Rachel! I hope everything continues in this positive path for you! A sibling is going to be awesome for Olivia! Best wishes and CONGRATULATIONS!


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Mon, 03-07-2005 - 9:30am

Congrats Rachel!!

Thinking of you.