Suggestions for Texture Issues & Gagging

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Suggestions for Texture Issues & Gagging
Wed, 08-27-2008 - 2:30pm

Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming texture issues and frequent gagging/vomiting? My DS has made such slow progress with eating table food. We are feeding him mostly mashed pastas, fish sticks, scrambled eggs, yogurts and pureed foods. We still have episodes of gagging/vomiting with these. He needs to learn how to chew, but I'm not sure how to teach him. He will chew crunchy things and pasta/egg/fish sticks, but almost nothing else. Bread is one of the hardest things for him to eat.

He goes to Speech Therapy with a focus on eating, and he was in a toddler preschool through EI where he had OT once a week, but not only are we not making progress, the therapists don't even really give me any suggestions.

We are having 3-5 episodes of vomiting a week lately and I am so in need of some improvement.


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