For those of us with 2 kids

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For those of us with 2 kids
Thu, 03-03-2005 - 12:51pm
Are you ever just amazed at things that you see with having a kid without SPD? I mean, we are potty training my youngest this week and I am amazed how fast he learned to feel the full bladder sensation and is asking to use the bathroom. Marissa is almost 6 and I still need to tell her to go when she gets home from school after not going the whole time she is there. I know some of the difference is how stubborn she is, but I think stubborn and SPD go together, like they are trying to control an out of control world. Just wondering if anyone else has these moments, Only this board would understand!
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Thu, 03-03-2005 - 1:37pm
OMG yes.DD is 10 and I rember when she was Christophers age that all I would have to say is You look so preety in your ect(some type of cloths) and she would just put it on.Today Christopher put on 10 differnt pull-ups (all the same) befor he found the right feeling one.LOL.Then it was 5 differnt shirts,and 3 pairs of pants,then 10 pairs of socks.It took an hour to get him dressed.Then dd would always share her toys with me saying this,But you can play with them all the time your freind can only play with it here.That always worked.Christopher will just not do it.I could go on and on.The biggest is potty training.Happened at 2 1/2 for dd Christopher is still not even close.But know I know what you mean about the big differnces in our kids.Tammy
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Thu, 03-03-2005 - 3:40pm
My oldest has SID and is 2.5, my youngest is only 4 mos. But I must say WOW what a difference! I will say it over and over again. My youngest is SOOOO much easier than my oldest ever was. He already sleeps through the night, he cries only when tired/hungry. It was opposite with my first he cried almost non-stop. He was always miserable! Though it is tough some days, it makes me feeling like I am doing a great job.
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Thu, 03-03-2005 - 3:50pm


I so agree with you. Lily was potty trained by 22 mos. and now doesn't even wear a diaper to bed. It was funny when you were talking about having to tell Marissa to go to the bathroom. Gabriel is in underwear now and he just came home from school - you should have seen how much he peed when I took him to go potty. Everything comes so much easier for Lily and a lot easier. It is bittersweet. I know that they are eachothers best teachers.


p.s. Congrats on getting another out of diapers :)

way to go Noah!!

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Thu, 03-03-2005 - 10:43pm

"Stubborn and SPD go together, Like they are trying to control an out of control world." OMG, that is so true!!

I have 4 children Olivia(6),Samuel(4),Corbin(almost 3), and Gianna(15 months). They all have there differences but Corbin(SPD child) has the worst temperament. My one saving grace was he did potty train early 26 months. He could not stand to be wet. I feel so bad for him b/c some things just seem to come so natural for my older 2. Corbin seems to have to put forth so much more. I guess this is where the stubbornness is a major attribute.


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Fri, 03-04-2005 - 8:54am

Having my second child is probably one of the things that forced me to admit that my oldest was not really okay. The potty training thing was not so bad it's just the overall differences. And, yes, being stubborn is one of her main traits - VERY strong willed. My youngest was easier from the moment of birth, sleeps better, cries less, more compliant. I could go on and on.

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Fri, 03-04-2005 - 10:04am

From a Mom who knows!

Man am I ever raising a glass to this thread! UGH!

Just this am Maddy had to change out of her pants, growled at her brother & threw herself on the ground for her Grammy Award winning performances of "I'm not happy again, anyone surprised?".....

I can agree & understand all that is said here..... Madison is by far the most challenging of them all.. and my only current issue is not letting her antics spill onto Max, our third child -- he told me today that he needed his pants off for they were 'wet'... one little spot of water on them! GRRR! It's learned behavior there.


I'm thankful that only *one* of my children has SPD,

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