trying to make a weighted blanket

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trying to make a weighted blanket
Sat, 01-15-2005 - 5:22pm

I am trying to sew a weighted blanket for my son. I just finished a weighted lap pad and I know there has to be a better way than the way I made it.

Can anyone who owns one describe yours to me? I was thinking of making a quilted style blanket and the only way I can think of making it comfy and easy to keep the poly pellets out of the sewing needle path is to make individual weight pellet packets then lay them out in a grid on the fabric and batting (if I decide to use some low loft batting - I think it would make it more comfortable) and then sew in the "pathways" created by the grid pattern.

So, yours quilted? Does it have batting to make it softer/more quilt like? Does it have pockets or just channels with the pellets? anything else you can do to describe it would be great.

Does that sound hairbrained? I don't want to buy a blanket just to see how to make one, but am having a hard time visualizing it.

I made the lap pad out of medium weight denim and 2 lbs of poly pellets. It is about 9X16". There are 2 vertical channels on the outside and two horizontal channels that go across his lap. He is in the car with dh on the way to the grocery store so I will see how it went when he gets back (ds is hyper and easily overstimulated - I hope the extra sensory input will calm him a bit).

I have two more 2lb bags of pellets. I had originally planned on making 2 more lap pads and selling them on ebay but now am on a mission to perfect my design instead. Very typical of me LOL

Thanks so much!


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Sun, 01-16-2005 - 7:47pm
I made Marissa a weighted blanket. I copied one our OT had, I had seen them done different ways in the past but couldn't remember well enough to copy. I used 4 layers of fleece fabric (only because I bought too much), sewed 5 or 6 channels in it, put a divided amount of pellets in them, sewed across and then repeated. It was pretty easy this way. I don't know if it is the most comfortable way, but it worked. HTH
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Mon, 01-17-2005 - 9:11am

Dolli, I have no idea how you would do it but I thought I would pass on a website that sells them in hopes you could maybe get mesaurements, weights, and a visual.