UGGGG neurololgist just cancelled on TJ

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UGGGG neurololgist just cancelled on TJ
Wed, 02-23-2005 - 12:03pm

The doctors office just called. The doctor has a cinference on March 2 so he pushed TJs appointment back a week till March 9. I know it is only a week but it is just so frustration.


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Wed, 02-23-2005 - 12:59pm

Hang in there. Isn't it so hard to think I'm finally going to get some answers, only to have it pushed back. It's so hard b/c everything seems to have that nasty waiting game involved. I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone else cancells and they bump TJ up.


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Wed, 02-23-2005 - 4:11pm
I know how you feel. I am waiting for a phone call to schedule a behavior eval for PJ. I have to keep myself from calling everyday, it is so hard! Especially when he is DESTROYING the house and terrorizing the baby! UGHHHHH! Good luck!
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Wed, 02-23-2005 - 7:50pm

UGH, that IS annoying, but thank goodness it is only one week!