What a week we had here

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What a week we had here
Sun, 03-06-2005 - 10:00am

On early Sunday morning last week Teryn got up with the stomach flu. She lost everything she tried to eat but was keeping some fluid down. I took her in to the ped on Monday because of a fever of 103.5. He said it was just the flu and to push fluids. Then on Tuesday poor Tj got sick too. For some reason he got a worse case. He couldn't keep anything down not even ice chips. I had to take him to the ped on Thursday morning. He was starting to dehydrate and was ruining a high fever. The ped told me to push any fluids we can get in him. The poor little guy even tried ice chips and popsicles but he keptnothing down. He had gone thru 7 diapers and clothes from the vomit and diararia in one hour. He got real lathargic and his eyes were sinking in his head. I called the ped back and ended up tking him to the er for ivs. Now there was only a time frame of 5 hours from the time he saw the ped and the time we took him to the er. He ended up having to stay at the hospital from THursday evening until Saturday morning. I never met so many dumb people in my life. Every different nurse that came into the er couldn't understand that he was speech delayed and having sensory problems. Each one came in and asked him series of questions. I finally told them he don't talk so please quit ansking him questions and ask me. They got rather nasty with me. Oh well no big deal to me. He was such a trooper. He ended up getting stuck twice for the lab work and have an iv messed with because he tried to pull it out. He ended up getting a total of 7 bags of fluid. He wsnt eating and barely drinking until they turned the iv volume down. Well Saturday morning we were diariah free and had not thrown up in 10 hours. They still dont know what caused all this. They originally thought he had roto virus but the test were negative. He is super happy to be home and is finally getting some energy back. The good news from all this is Tj has said a few more phrases and actually at somewhat the right time. He kept telling the nurses in the er "all done" and "bye bye see tomorrow" and finally told one of the nurses on the unit "bye bye love you"( this kinda made me mad that he told her that before me). So this has been the saga of the last week. Between the vomit. the poop, the laundry and 2 whining kids, I am glad it is a new week. It can only get better right? I hope he feels well enough to still see the neurologist. Thanks for letting me vent. I actaully felt like I was on vacation while he was in the hospital. He slept most of the time and dh had the three other kids. I think it may have been a wake up call for him. He now realizes how hard I work around here. He also got a little upset when one of the nurses in triage asked if there was any other problems with TJ( I had not mentiond his sensory or speech and developmental delays). I told her about the sensory problems and she said" are you sure he is not autisic, my son is and acts the same way( he didnot want to be touched at all). I said he has an appointment this week to rule out any other problems and she still said he reminds her of her autistic son. This was the first time dh has ever heard anyone make that kind of comment. He thinks I just make too much of things. Maybe this is going to turn him around-It doesnthurt to dream. He said he is going to the neuro with me and actually goning in to talk to the doctor! Thanks agian.


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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 6:08pm

Good gravy!

Oh my, Kathy!

I must say, you sound awfully calm for such a horrid time!

I'm so glad that TJ is on the mend &

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Sun, 03-06-2005 - 8:41pm

Kathy I am so sorry for all your trouble, but I am *so* glad that some good came out of it!