Will DS ever learn to write?

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Will DS ever learn to write?
Thu, 02-17-2005 - 2:43pm
It's been 4 weeks of OT and I see zero improvement in DS Nick's (6 yrs) handwriting. I know it's probably too soon, but I feel so anxious seeing him fall so far behind in handwriting - he's only in 1st grade! Should I being doing something at home? I've heard of handwriting without tears - is that only for teachers?
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Thu, 02-17-2005 - 4:12pm
I really can help you much.Christopher is 3 and he still cant copy a stirght line or circle or draw anything that is not a scribble.I just want to give you a ((((hug))) it seams like you needed one today.I am sure if you keep working with him and the OT things are going to start happening.My dd who is now 10 used to have troubles with writeing too(in 1st grade).But she did get better with it and now (She is in 4th grade now)she is one of the best handwriters in her class.Keep with it I am sure it will start hapening soon.Tammy
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Thu, 02-17-2005 - 5:49pm
HWT is an excellent program. It is definitely not only for teachers but it may not be your answer. Ask your OT for ideas to do at home. To see the fastest progress you need to know the underlying factors affecting your son's handwriting. OTs work on these factors more than the actual handwriting. Where is your son getting OT? private or school? Handwriting was my speciality when I worked as an OT. I find Marissa's OT does't know nearly as much about it though. HTH even though I have to be brief b/c dinner is ready.
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Fri, 02-18-2005 - 7:21am

I have no suggestions as you know my DD is only three, but I am here to offer lots of ((((HUGS)))) and support!