3 yrs old w/ PDD-NOS and Hypothyroid

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3 yrs old w/ PDD-NOS and Hypothyroid
Wed, 10-20-2004 - 1:09am
Doctors say her development delay in speech and gross motor is mild autism. She also seems to have short term memory problems. But that is all. She is typical toddler in her playing. I have found other resources online that connect these issues to Congenital Hypothyroidism which my daughter has. When I confronted her endochronologist he says it wouldn't be a factor since she has recieved early treatment. Yet, so did the others I read about whose children still showed the same mental delays. I am desperate to meet others whose child born CH has development delays in speech and in motor development. If I could just find some solid proof. I think if there is a direct link then we parents should be warned from the beginning and be aware of the signs to start early intervention and I feel if more studies were done on this then maybe the area of her brain that isn't making the connections could be better understood.

Just in my searches online I have come across a lot and have printed them off so I can show her doctors but so far the doctors I have spoke too (not just her endo) all don't want to say "Yes" to connecting the two. Why? I feel if I were told that there could be this possiblity then I could have started working w/her early on and could have focused in on that area of the brain that is shorting out.

Please...let there be someone out there that can help me. I am desperate..I am sitting in my home thinking that I can't be alone and that there has to be an answer.


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Wed, 10-20-2004 - 8:07am

Hi Mary!

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Hi and welcome, Mary!