Agressive behavior

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Agressive behavior
Mon, 08-04-2003 - 4:29pm
Hello...I have an almost 4 year old with multiple health issues. (You can read more about him here: ) Lately he has been doing this weird behavior and scratching at my eyes! No matter where I am if I am within reach of him (now and then but at least a few times a day) he will try to scratch at my eyes. I have tried the firm "NO! that hurts, Aaron! I have tried the simple approach as Aaron no no you dont have to hurt mommy. I have also tried the God strike me with lightening spanking approach as well. THis has been going on for about 3 months and I cant seem to make him stop this behavior. He does not do this with his father or anyone else for that matter. A brief background: he does not speak, he is totally tube fed, he is recouperating (makes 3-4 months now) from major back surgery, he is developmentally delayed (severely in the gross motor area) and cognitively in the 18-24 month old age bracket. Any ideas? any help? Anything to save my sanity? Just so you know, I am a single stay at home mom so the bulk of his time is spent with me doing many different therapies with him and different activities throughout the day.

Thank you-LAURA Mom to Aaron