ARGH!! I lost it all!

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ARGH!! I lost it all!
Thu, 08-24-2006 - 1:41am

I had a post all ready to go and lost my connection!!
I was trying to post an update so here goes again, LOL.

I'm not doing a very good job getting all settled in and unpacked. I'm afraid it won't be until back to school when this is all put together. Sammy starts back on the 5th and Ruby not till the 18th. We've already been here over a month, so this is getting old, KWIM. Oh, I called Sammy's school today to make sure some tings are in place the first day of school (making sure someone helps her find her school bus, that she doesn't miss recess etc). First they tell me the teachers aren't back yet, I can talk to the teacher about this at back to school night, then she says it's rare a child needs help finding thier bus and nobody misses recess to go to special ed. It took all I had to say "NOT!!" I calmy said Sammy has indeed taken the wrong school bus home and stayed on to be left in the garage (long story) and every year she is scheduled to miss all or part of her recess and this wont be happening this year. And that I'm sure the old school would be happy to tell this new school all about it. I think it's going to be a very very long school year :(
Sammy's nuero finally took her off Lamictal for her seizures. We've been trying to get her to do this since last Nov. Now she is on Depakote and already doing a bajillion times better. She was getting so out of control and snotty on the Lamictal that nobody, even DH or I, could stand to be around her. Poor kid :(
And Miss Ruby slept wiht sand in her undies last night. On purpose. I guess she got sand in there at the park and decided it tickled and left it there. Until this am when she got undressed for her bath and flung her clothes - and sand - all over the bathroom. Is this child insane thinking sand tickles in her underwear? I hurt just thinking about it, KWIM?
Well, it's very late here. I made the mistake of taking a nap today and now I'm not tired. I should try to get some sleep anyways, or I'll be up all night then complaining about being tired tomorrow!

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Fri, 08-25-2006 - 7:03am

I hate moving and unpacking.

Maria :)                

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Fri, 08-25-2006 - 11:28pm
Sammy has partial complex seizures, but they are becoming more generalized. She does seem more tired and not wanting to get up in the am due to tummy aches, but she's fine once she eats breakfast. She's been sweating alot and has started peeing right through her goodnites. I hope that's just temporary and goes away soon.

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Sat, 08-26-2006 - 12:47am

Bummer on the lost post. I HATE that.

I am having school issues that have started up already again this year. I was spoiled for the last few years of Cait's elementary school. We switched her to a great school in 4th grade adn that is where all my kids go. I forgot what this was like. Cait's middle school is quickly reminding me and I am so not in the mood. I hope you get some better results than I have thus far.

I hope the depakote works for you. You mentioned further on complex partial seizures? Cait takes Trileptal for her seizures. She started with simple partials which have continued to move on and she has had one full generalized seizure. She had a partial complex a few weeks back. She likes to keep us guessing. But the trileptal really has made improvements for her I see already, has few side effects and also works for mood stabilization. Cait isn't a mood disorder type kid but she is a teen in puberty so needs mood stabilization by default! If the depakote doesn't make you happy you may want to ask about it.