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Hello people i am new here and looking for anothers womans view.

My son was diagnosed with mild Aspergers syndrome whan he was 8. We originaly took him to the ed psych because i am dyslexic and he was having problems with learning to read and write. They said at the time that they could not test him for dyslexia because his other symptoms were masking it. Well time has gone by. He had the help he needed from school and caught up acedemicaly and indeed is doing very well.However He still have problems with his writen english.He has never had a statement if you know what that means.

He is 16 now and doing his GCSE's and planning to do 5 AS levls next year. Now he is older he can actualy talk about the problems he is having. When he was younger when ever they tried to test him he just used to withdraw and squirm around the floor. While talking to him he has described how he has to re-read a sentance many times to get any meaning from it, how sentances seem to vanish or move when he is reading them. His spelling is awful and some words he persistantly spells witht he letters in the wrong order even though he has tried very hard to correct them and his hand writting has never prgessed to joined up. He has trouble with left and right and doesn't always read accuratly. Many of the things he mentioned I too suffer from as part of my dyslexia.

Is it worth trying to get him tested for dyslexia in addition to his Aspergers. If he has dyslexia he would get more time to do exams, be able to use a computer and have additional support at college. Do I put him through more tests that in the end may still not show anything except his aspergers.

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Hi Rosemary and welcome.



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Absolutely get him tested.

The interventions for dyslexia are different and separate that the ones for Aspergers. It is very common for Aspergers kids to have some level of dyslexia or dysgraphia (writing problems) or both.

If you do test him and he does not get the services then at least you tried, but if you don't


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