Can a few rebels join your group?

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Can a few rebels join your group?
Fri, 11-10-2006 - 3:40am

A few of my friends along with myself are members on another woman's board. We have special needs children. We were discussing FCAT and the no child left behind act. The discussion became heated but no personal attacks were made. We were just saying the facts. We are educated, intelligent, strong mommies with the hope of a strong future for our children.
The moderator, deleted our posts because they were too heated and becoming personal. Unfortunately she is a Republican viewing a Democrat forum. She didn't like what she read and made bad comments to us Dems, then deleted us. No profanity, no slander, no attacks from us. She just didn't like that our views were not hers and she ended it.
So, about 5 of us decided to leave our " home" and find a new one.
I belonged to Ivillage for along time then stopped posting. Was wondering if our views would be welcomed here?


I should tell you that I am posting this on a few boards I think would be of interest to my friends. :)

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Mon, 11-13-2006 - 10:18am

Hi and Welcome!

Maria :)                

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Fri, 11-10-2006 - 11:34am

Sure come on over. We are open to all voices here(at least I am)

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