Cards for Gabbie

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Cards for Gabbie
Mon, 12-09-2013 - 3:36pm

This story from the Today Show will bring tears to your eyes.  Gabbie has a genetic disorder that can cause learning delays and developmental disabilities, and the older she gets the more she realizes that she is different: 

Her mom, Kandra Sejas, said Gabbie doesn’t have any visible tumors, but has symptoms that mimic autism, such as social awkwardness.

“She wants so badly to have friends and to be accepted,” Sejas told TODAY Moms, her voice breaking.

“It’s heartbreaking to have a child who doesn’t fit in. For the longest time, she didn’t realize that she was different, (but) the older she gets, the more she kind of figured out that maybe her brain works a little bit differently or maybe everybody else has a lot of friends and she doesn’t.”

Last month, Gabbie came home and told her mom she saw her classmates getting cards at school, which Sejas figured were invitations to parties. The girl was devastated that she didn’t get one and asked her mom, “Why doesn’t anyone give me cards?”

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Her mom posted her story on a website, and Gabbie has been receiving cards from all over the world telling her that she matters to other people.  What a difference this will make to her self esteem.  

What do you think of her story?  Could your child relate to her feeling like an outsider?