Care Bears was awesome! update too

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Care Bears was awesome! update too
Sun, 05-14-2006 - 12:08am

Today we saw Care Bears Live and it was awesome. If the show gets anywhere near your area, you should see it. The girls had a good time, although they were a bit overstimulated, LOL.
I've decided I need a vacation. Ruby had a cold on MOnday and Tuesday, she went to school on Wed and got sent home because they think she has pink eye. I'm not terribly happy with the school right now anyways, but that is another story. So I kept her home on Thurs as well.
Friday morning we got awoken to the fire alarm going off at 4:45 am. Dh fell asleep in the livingroom, which was good because I didn't hear the alarm in the bedroom, many of our neighbors didn't either. I was scared to see there was actually smoke filling the hallway rather quickly. Turns out someone across the hall was up cooking breakfast and fell asleep and didn't hear the smoke alarm in thier apt or the alarm for the whole building. (yeah right)
Have I mentioned I want to move this summer? We got a 60 day notice on Friday, so now we HAVE to move and I don't know why. They won't tell us either, so if they don't give us a good reference, and I'm sure they won't, it will be very tough to find a new place.
I'm getting taken out to lunch tomorrow, so that will be nice. And Sammy has special olympics on Thursday, so at least I have some things to look forward to.

Yep, I really need a vacation!

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Mon, 05-15-2006 - 7:36am

Cristen, I'm glad that the Care Bear Show was all you anticipated it to be.



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Tue, 05-16-2006 - 4:55pm
I am glad that the care bear's live went great. I am sorry to hear that your apartment gave you 60 days nottice but didn't say why. Hugs take care I hope you find a new place soon!


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Tue, 05-16-2006 - 10:34pm
Thanks to both of you! I'll have to keep you updated