Coach Makes Special Needs Kids Part of Team

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Coach Makes Special Needs Kids Part of Team
Tue, 10-15-2013 - 3:06pm

I wish more coaches had this much compassion.   A high school football coach in Georgia picks a couple of special needs students a week to be a member of the team.  They get jerseys and also get to run out on the field with the players: 

Hamilton is out to show his players that it's about more than just wins and losses, while also promoting compassion in the school. 

"I'm trying to show these boys how to be men,'' Hamilton said. "You can be a tough guy and still have a compassionate side."

Beal and Bishop recently took the field in their jerseys with big smiles as they ran out of the tunnel with the team in the pregame. 

"It's really a highlight of my day every day to watch them come out and go through the tunnel,'' Hamilton said. 

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Do you have any teachers/coaches like this at your school?