Elizabeth broke her arm!

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Elizabeth broke her arm!
Mon, 11-15-2004 - 5:31am
My little girl has broken her arm! Elizabeth is 19mths and the only child in the family to break a bone (so far). She fell off the piano stool. We spent the weekend in the hospital. Poor thing couldn't eat or drink for 11 hours cause they thought they might have to operate. But thankfully she didn't need surgery. They have said that they can't plaster her arm so she has to wear a special sling for 3 weeks and then we have to go back for more xrays to see how it is healing. She has broken the bones just above the elbow.

With the sling we can't get it wet so no bath for at least 3 weeks! We are sponging atm. But here in Australia it is summer and we average 86-97 degrees fahrenheit (30-36 degrees celsius) during the day. At night its not much cooler. I feel so sorry for her.

The docs also said to keep her as still as possible and not to let her do too much physical activity. They don't know how hard this will be. She never stops. She has already fallen over on her arm about 3 times (once at the hospital!).

Michael is not coping with this at all. He can't understand why she isn't better yet. At first he was really good with her, very gentle and wanting to help, but now he's getting very mad with her and pushing her around, yelling at her and being downright mean. I have tried different ways of explaining it to him but he just isn't getting it.

I'm not sure what to do with him. I can't even leave them alone in the lounge room for a second cause he's at her. Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this??

Tracy mum to Michael and Elizabeth

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Mon, 11-15-2004 - 8:04am

((((OH Tracy)))), I'm so sorry and don't envy you at all right now!



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Mon, 11-15-2004 - 7:46pm

Oh Tracey I am sorry to hear about what happened to Elizabeth.