A few questions

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A few questions
Wed, 06-21-2006 - 6:35pm
Roll Call!! Let's see who's still around, shall we?
Name/screen name
Kids and ages
Special needs you are dealing with
Best book you have read on special needs
Best website (besides IVillage) on special needs


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Thu, 06-22-2006 - 12:21am
I'm here!!!
Sammy is 8 (9 at the end of August)and has dev delays, seizures, and I'll be darned if the behavior problems aren't rearing thier ugly heads again :(
Ruby is 4 and has speech delays.
From Emotions to Advocacy is the only special needs book I've read, but I do like it.
www.wrightslaw.com is pretty good site, I really don't know of any others - but ivillage is the best!

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Thu, 06-22-2006 - 3:34am


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Mon, 06-26-2006 - 10:54am

Hi I am Dawn I have 2 kiddos both boys. Devin is 11 and David is 8.My oldest ds is dyslexic and severely

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Mon, 06-26-2006 - 8:44pm
Hi, my name is Saara (sunnymoody) my oldest son Naim (7)has ADHD).My 14 mo old Ilyaas, was brain injured at birth, has HIE, cebrebral palsy, seizure disorder, Cortical visual impairment and is G-tube fed.I have 1 other son Ahsan (6) and am expecting #4 1/30/07. I like www.schwablearning.com for Learning disorders and I am part of a yahoo group for parents for children with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalepathy (HIE), I haven't read any great books on SP kids, I do most of my research online.