First Time Mom

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First Time Mom
Fri, 01-26-2007 - 10:50am

I am a first time mom! I have a 6 week old son, AJ who is my world. I also have hearing loss in both ears which require aides but it was diagnosed later in life. So while I was pregnant, in the back of my mind I was worried the entire time that I would pass on the impairment.
So when he failed his newborn screening at the hospital, I was devastated. My husband and I both got right on it though, testing after testing, and it was officially diagnosed as mild to moderate hearing loss. Hearing aides and early intervention would be needed. So of course, as a paranoid new mom, I did all my research and finally found a message board for this kind of thing.
I can't tell you how much it helps to have a community that knows what I will be going thru.
I feel guilty now because I feel like something else will go wrong with him. Like I almost can't enjoy my beautiful son because he has "one strike" against him so to speak. I sound horrible but I am sure that some of you can relate. I keep on telling myself everyday that it is what it is....he will be able to hear. But is just hard.

Any advice about hearing aides and babies/kids?? Any advice in general about what will come??
Thanks so much for listening. This is my first post!! :)


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Fri, 02-16-2007 - 10:07pm

Thank you for your kind messages and advice.

We go for another opinion (the 2 other opinions) were "inconclusive" after telling us he did have the mild to moderate loss.


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Fri, 02-16-2007 - 8:29pm

CONGRATULATIONS!!! my DD hearing loss was picked up with the newborn hearing screening she has a mild to moderste loss and bilateral hearing aids, I excepted it moved on to how to best help her, after many tears my dh whos hearing loss is simlar to dd took a little longer but she is a year now and doing great shes says mama daee(daddy) addie(saddie our dog) NO, thankyou She wears her hearing aids most of her waking hours when she gets tired or over stimulated she takes them off. My ds pasted the newborn hearing screening but we have had his hearing tested because of dh and dd and he does have a mild loss

Hearing aid tips go to and buy eargear they are wondeful they cover the aid and clip it there clothes so they don't get lost we almost then seveal time before we got these wonderful things that come in fun colors. The company is easy to return things to one wore out I sent it back and had a new one in no time I now have two on hand at all times
if baby takes them off but them back on and be firm I wasn't at first but when dh started to be it helped a lot. plus big brother is the hearing aid police NO Eat hearing aids
he even tells Granma not to eat her hearing aids
If baby eats them open them up the battery and get it dry let it air and wipe it out also a dry aid kit helps.
Hope I am helpful This is a great board for questions and rember no question is a stupid quiestion unless it goes unasked.
hugs and prayers Jean

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Sun, 01-28-2007 - 12:54am

Hello many congrats to you and your family.
I'm Mary Deaf/HOH and have 3 children age 4yr, 3yr and 17 months.
My 3yr old son and 17 month old daughter is Deaf/HOH.
I had the same feelings as you did at first. When I would look at my babies
after finding out they were HOH I felt so so bad and was so sorry. But I knew
that there was a chance that our kids could be HOH but we weren't sure. I was
very sad for my son but, I'm happy we had our children. They are growing and
talking and signing and they are very happy.
Get involved in the Deaf or HOH groups around you. They help a lot.
My whole family signs and this has helped in so many ways.
Both of my younger children have hearing aids. Still trying to get our youngest to
wear hers she is such a fast stinker. Likes to take them apart and hide them.
We have to watch her close. LOL They are both in speech too. We hang out with others that sign which has helped them to learn more signs. We did learn a lot from Signingtime.
Hang in there and don't be hard on yourself. Being Deaf and HOH is not the end of the world it's just something we learn to live with. It is something you and your family will learn too. It will be ok. I promise. Now go hug that sweet little guy of yours and think of all the wonderful things about him and all the things you will get to see as he grows.
First are the best.
Many many ((((((HUGS)))))))

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Fri, 01-26-2007 - 5:07pm

Hi and welcome!!

Maria :)