Friend has baby w/clubbed feet

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Friend has baby w/clubbed feet
Mon, 01-30-2006 - 1:55pm

Hello ladies. I'm not sure I'm in the right place but I'm sure you can point me in the right direction if I'm not.

My close friend has a 5-month old baby boy with clubbed feet. His condition was severe at birth. They did the casts for several months. At 3 months he got the surgery. It went very well. He just got the post-surgery casts taken off and they are using the bars now.

My question is this:

How long does it take little babies to get used to the bars?

The reason I'm asking is that my friend says that since she introduced the bars to her little man last week, he isn't the same. He seems depressed. He usually smiles and coos all day. And now that he cannot kick like he used to do, he seems really sad. He hasn't smiled for days. My friend's heart is broken because of her baby boy's response. We are hoping that he'll be able to be his happy ol' self soon.

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated. We live in a small town and don't have a lot of resources available to us.

thanks in advance
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Tue, 01-31-2006 - 10:05am

Hi Melissa and welcome...I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you yesterday, I was hoping to search out a few resources for you and go waylaid in the process...We'd love to have you join our group, you're in the right place!

A thought I had would for your friend to contact her



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Thu, 03-30-2006 - 11:18pm

Hi there, I can help! I have a son who was also born with clubfoot. He has been wearing the brace for about 15 months now and has adjusted really well to it. Tell her that it will get better : ) She can find a bunch of information at the University of Iowa's website, they're kind of like the clubfoot center of the universe! Send her this link:
Once she gets there she can read all about the treatment process and there she'll find links to online support groups specifically for clubfoot.

Hope this helps!!

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Fri, 03-31-2006 - 8:30pm

Hi there I wanted to welcome you to the board. Hugs to your friend and her baby boy. Neither one of my boys had club feet.My mom said I was born with club feet though. She said I had to wear special shoes and some kind of brace that I would kick her with at night. She had me sleep with her at night.I

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