Full Jarrett update

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Full Jarrett update
Fri, 03-31-2006 - 9:08am

Love the new frazzled icon!! As I've whined about before, Jarrett's been having stomach problems for about 8-10 weeks now. Well it was getting worse than ever and GI said they couldn't get us in until May. Well last week I called them again to see if they had any cancellations and the secretary e-mailed the doc who agreed to see him the next day. So we went last Wed. and he noticed just by feeling that Jarrett's intestines were all dialted. So we had a full blown CT done last Fri. Of coarse the CT was negative so now they don't know what to do. They have him loaded up on anti nausea meds to get him through school. Mon was terrible. We had run out of meds and he was miserable. I sent him to school not feeling well and of coarse the nurse called and tried to tell me he was faking. Then she tells me some kids with problems have to just learn to "live with it" So I go to pick him up and the teacher and principal both tell me he looked awful. Pale and sweaty. Obviously faking!!(Sarcasim)Then they both want to know what's being done to help him. I love telling them nothing!!! The GI nurse should be calling me today to check on him. They were back on the contipation kick and said they wanted me to give him Ducolax twice a week. I almost screamed at them. He goes to school all day everyday, I can't freaking give him a laxative and send him to school!! Then I tell them that he's going 2-3 times a day with the Miralax and if he's still constipated how am I suppose to know if he's cleaned out. 2-3 times a day would be good for me!!! SO she tells me he'll be eating better and won't be distended. I tell her he already eats like a champ and is distended ALL the time. I had her look back at an xray where his stomach was 15x the normal size. Then with the sweating and stuff they decided they were all concerned again. So she was going to talk to the doc again and see what he wanted to do. I LOVE our GI and the whole staff, I"m just getting stressed about all this. Anyone have any other stomach pain thoughts? He's been allergy tested for everything and it was all neg. Celiac was neg- endoscopy a year ago showed yeast, but otherwise normal!! I"m grasping at straws!!


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Fri, 03-31-2006 - 3:19pm
I have never been through that with my kiddos. Wanted to offer a hug. I hope something can be done to help your little guy
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Sat, 04-01-2006 - 10:25pm

I can't imagine how frustrating this all is for you. ITA, you can't give him a laxative and then send him to school. What is it with school nurses, ours acts like she got her training out of a cracker jack box!! I don't know anything about tummy troubles, I'm afraid I"m not much help there. But please keep us updated!