GREAT chat last nite!!!!

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GREAT chat last nite!!!!
Fri, 01-28-2005 - 9:02pm

I had a LOT of fun! For those who were there, they manipulated my finger two ways today, not just one. First I got all of the lovely lydocane shots around the finger. Then he jammed a pen down between the 2 fingers ans reefed on it to move it from the outside,in. then he didi the hyperflexed back part. i'm now in a cast for 3 weeks on my right hand!!!!!!!! :( taking vicodin too. :) then i will be having OT.



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Sat, 01-29-2005 - 10:22am

I had fun at chat on thursday too...though during the hour I was there Lilly found the cat, and I got stuck under my desk lmao.

That sounds painful steph! At least it is over with and you will have your right hand back soonish. I hope you feel better soon!


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Sat, 01-29-2005 - 3:10pm
Ouch and double Ouch with or without the lidocane!