!!!Happy Birthday!!!

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!!!Happy Birthday!!!
Fri, 12-08-2006 - 12:36pm

To Madison Belle

To Day Madison Is turning 4 years old,I cant believe it,I love her so much

She has over come so many things in her little life,

I first found out I was pregnant on April,22,2002,I was 5 1/2 weeks,my first drs appt went great said I was due dec 22,every thing was going good till around 20 weeks when they did the triple screen test and it came back saying Madison tested positive for open nero tube defect,they set me up for a amnio test the same day at 3pm.I went in they did a u/s the man said it was a girl,I cried,I didn't want nothing to be wrong with my baby. So they did the amnio and 2 weeks later it came back as I was sitting in the drs office waiting on my first real u/s the dr came out and told me every thing was fine there was nothing wrong. I was so releaved,so I had my u/s and the lady also said it was a girl and every thing looked great that was on a tuesday. The following monday my drs called me and told me I needed to come back in that the other test results came back and they needed to talk to me about them.My mom and my sis took me up there the dr came in the room and said he ran some more test on the chromosones and Madison's 5th chromoson part of it was missing,I couldnt believe this was happening to me here I am 25 years old and some thing is wrong with my baby my dr told me to abort my daughter,he sent me the same day to the genectics drs and she talked to me about what was wrong and what to expect,they did a u/s on her and every thing looked great.they set me up for another u/s on her heart and the heart dr said it looked great also,every thing was goign great she was growing just as she should,i went back to my drs and he wouldnt talk to me about any thing else but to abort the baby,i changed drs right after that,my new dr Dr Hoffman was so great,he did everythig we was supposed to I was still going to my u/s at the genectics drs severything was going great till i was 37 weeks madison wasnt growing like she should have been at 37 weeks she was 3lb 12oz,i went to my ob dr the next day,he talked about a c-section b/c madison weight wasnt good and the stress of labor could make me deliver a stillborn,so he sent me for the nonstress test and that went well,that following saturday I went in to labor,at 6pm while I was in the bath I started bleeding,it freaked me out,I called my dr and the dr on call called me back Itold him about what was wrong with madison and what was going on with me,he told me to come on in,i went to the hospital at 7pm i was dilated to a 2 and 75% effaced,the dr said he was gonna let me have her naturaly,a hour later I was checked again and was dilated to a 4 and I was 85%effaced.madison heart beat started to drop,they put me on oxygen,and told me they was gonna do a c-section,I was never so scared in my life I just wanted my baby to be ok,they prepred me for surgery and madison was brought in to the world at 2:03am on Dec,8th,2002,she was 4lb 7oz and 17in.long I didnt get to hold her but i did get to see her for like a min,they took her away at 2:06am,I got to see her for the first time 15 hours later she was in th NICU hooked up to monitors,and was on a iv,madisons blood sugar droped real low so she wasnt eating and the drs coulsnt get her to eat,i went home on thursday and Madison was still in the NICU I hated leaving my daughter but I had no choice,Madison got to come home when she was a week old,that was the happiest day of my life,

Madison truly is our littel Angel

I love you sweet Heart

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Fri, 12-08-2006 - 3:52pm

Happy birthday Madison!! What a great story "mommy"...thanks for sharing!


Maria :)

Maria :)