Hello, Long time, No Post!

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Hello, Long time, No Post!
Sun, 08-05-2007 - 11:08pm
Hope everyone is Good here. I see a few familier faces, I haven't been here in Ages.
For those that do not know us, I 1st came here when my DD was Small, she was aided Late, 4 1/2 years old. She has always attended the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Regional Program thru the School Dist. She went there from Preschool to the 5th grade. Last year she was moved to my homeschool Dist. where she attended a Special Day class for the 6th grade, she was the Only H.I. child at this School, It was a Very Very Bumpy road, Alot of Stuff happened (won't get into it now) She will go back when School begins the end of this Month, for 7th grade.
The DHH Program was/is having so "Staffing Issues" (won't go into that either) that is why shes going to our homeschool.
We just found out that she has "Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome" (EVAS) This is the cause of her H.L and her Fluctuating H.L. She Did have a Scan At 5 years old, which the tech @ Children's Hosptial didn't pick up, so all this time, she has had it, but we didn't know, and there are issues around that, We should have been learning ASL, just incase she loses all her Hearing. She will be going Back to the DHH Program tho. I just don't know when, she will be around Signing and all her DHH friends, Overall, she has done well, and is one of the top students in her class.
Just wanted to Stop in and say Hello
Veronica & LaVonna (Bi-Mod-Seve. H.L. EVAS)
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Sun, 08-05-2007 - 11:35pm

Wow! What an update! Navigating school options can be harrowing. It's hard to know that you are going to find the right fit when you make a change. I'm glad to hear that your DD is doing well academically. It is a challenge, though, when a child is doing well academically, but the interaction part isn't there. IDEA states that students must be educated in the least restrictive environment (meaning spending as much instructional time as possible with their "non-disabled peers", but then turns around and says that students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing must have access to peers and instruction in their communication mode in the special considerations. For our DHH kids, it's tough to have both wrapped up in a neat little package.

Sending you lots of luck in getting through those "staffing issues."

Have joy!