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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 5:53pm

The registration went ok yesterday.We registered Erika for school.She goes a half a day either August 18 or 19 the school will call us and tell us what day she goes a half a day.Me and hubby have a meeting one of those mornings from 8-9am while she goes the half a day.And August 20 is the first full day of school.They have pre-kindergarten classes in June that she can go to but they are $25.00 and hubby said he didn't know if he would let her go or not or just let her start when school starts.They gave us a list of school stuff she has to have and hubby said we might start putting some school stuff on lay a way this weekend for her that way we can get it out before school starts instead of buying everthing at once.She passed her vision test but they said the school will do a better one in September or October.She failed the hearing test the first time yesterday,I think she got too excited,they took her in to do the test the first time without me or hubby and then I went in the second time and she passed it.Erika was really excited about school yesterday.Erika said that she wants to take her lunch to school,she will probably do that and eat in the cafateria some days too.Me and hubby said that we feel like we are getting old since we have a kid fixing to be in school,LOL.The way Erika and Jon act they miss each other already and school hasn't even started yet.It's going to be a big change for all of us.Hubby said he would take her to school in the morning, and if we still live here I will walk over and pick her up in the evenings.I will let my grandma keep Jon while I walk over there and pick her up.Just thought I would let you know.