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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 7:13pm
Sorry that I haven't been around the past few days.I haven't been feeling well.The weather changing here has been killing me.And I have been busy around the house too.Can you believe that next Thursday I take my daughter for kindergarten registeration?She is getting so big so quick.The kids are getting over their colds they have.Jon's hippotherapy is suppose to start this weekend.But it is suppose to rain so I doubt that he will get to do it.I am still looking for a heart DR.I found out today when I called some heart DR's to see when I can get in,you have to have a referral regardless of what insurance you have.That sucks.I cannot get my DR's office to call me back still about my test results,even though I have called and left message after message,how am I going to get them to send a referral?I am about fed up with them.I may change DR's if I do hopefully they will transfer my records so I can finally get something done.I hope you all are doing well.And I will check in more often.