Hi! ABS mom here to intro herself

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Hi! ABS mom here to intro herself
Mon, 04-24-2006 - 12:44pm

My dd Riley was diagnosed in the womb, so we were prepared.


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Mon, 04-24-2006 - 9:41pm

hi Jennifer and welcome! We're happy to have you join us! Thanks for sharing your story about your sweetie! She sounds wonderful and a delight to have in your home.

We are parents to 7 wonderful kids as well! Welcome!

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Wed, 04-26-2006 - 11:02am

Hello and welcome to the board! My son has ABS; please see my thread. I just emailed you so please check your email!

I hope that Riley and the rest of you are doing well and I hope that you are able to begin physical therapy soon. One thing about ABS is that the affected child is like that from the start so they don't know any different, which can make for some nice surprises in the way of success. My son has done things which I was not sure if he would able to. I would rather be pleasantly surprised rather than hope for too much and then be disappointed, if you know what I mean.

Mandisa was robbed! She was one of my favorites!

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Fri, 04-28-2006 - 10:48am
Welcome... My name is Katrina and my son William (13 months) was also affected by ABS. Both of his hands were affected. It is so amazing how these children born with this affliction are so determined. William had his first surgery in February and he was in cast for 2 weeks and it did not faze him one bit....he wasnt able to crawl so he learned to walk and was walking with heavy cast on at 11 months...I was so amazed by him....he is full of determination and never lets anything get in his way. I am sure that your little bundle of joy will be the same way.

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