Hi all! An update on us....

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Hi all! An update on us....
Thu, 05-01-2003 - 8:19am
This has been a very rough couple of weeks. After my biopsy last week I almost ended up in the hospital. The pain was horrible for days, I bled profusely and I was SOOOOOO weak. I just lay there most of the weekend & talked to the dr several times each day. On Sunday I had to go to the grocery store to get a prescription and toilet paper, and I almost passed out in the store! I had to sit on one of the bottom shelves and put my head down and wait to feel better. It was pretty rough. I finally got it together enough to get us home, and all the way home in the car Joel was whining that we were going home and not going to do anything fun. I blew it. I told him, "look...Do you not realize that I almost had to get you to call 911 from the toilet paper aisle at Kroger? We're lucky I'm up and walking around, but I'm in no shape to do anything BUT go straight home." I mean jeez...heaven forbid we do something that doesn't directly revolve around him.

I've been working but it's been very hard. Tuesday I fell twice...it was like the floor just dropped out from under me. I went to the dr and he was very thorough...thinks I may have been slightly dehydrated. I had a message last night that my labs were back so I have to call when they open and find out about that. I'm supposed to go get re-checked this afternoon. With all the blood I lost over the weekend, dehydration wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. I fell again once last night but haven't lost consciousness or anything. And I'm having little palpitations that I don't like. I really wish they'd figure this out...I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Joel's doing OK. He had baseball last night which was fun, but boy do we have it to pay in the morning after that! He was a bear to get up this morning. We have a baseball tournament at the beach on Mothers Day weekend. It's pretty cool...the league pays for an oceanfront room for Friday and Saturday nights. I was worried because it's pretty draining for me, but my sister asked last night if I want her to go along and help and I said YES, PLEASE!!!!! That will make it much easier, not to mention more fun.

So, that's our exciting life. Are you sorry you looked?LOL I'm up and around more now so I'll be on more, I hope.

Have a great day!