Hi everyone hows is your Tuesday?

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Hi everyone hows is your Tuesday?
Tue, 07-11-2006 - 8:57pm
Hey how has your Tuesday been.Mine has been alright.My dh is going to
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Tue, 07-11-2006 - 9:48pm
My Tuesday has been pretty standard. I did go shopping with my stepmom and niece for Nathans birthday. Hard to believe he will be 8 on Thursday. Nathan went to school today and then we came home and did nothing exciting. Well that has been my day. Dh has been working a lot lately so its been just me and Nathan for most of the day. Well need to get Nathan to bed. Bye Angela
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Wed, 07-12-2006 - 11:30pm
Yesterday was a long day. The kids have been horrible, I think it's the really high heat and moving that's making them crazy.
It's only going to get hotter all week. We move on sat, and the temp is supposed to be near 100!!