Hire a disabled person so you can jump to the head of the line?

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Hire a disabled person so you can jump to the head of the line?
Wed, 05-15-2013 - 3:43pm

I'm in total disbelief that someone would stoop so low just to shorten the time they have to wait in line: 

Who wants to wait in long lines with the ordinary riff-raff at Disney World? Not some wealthy New York City moms, who apparently hire a disabled person to pose as a family member so they can skip the line at rides and attractions, according to the New York Post.

Read more: http://www.ivillage.com/disney-world-tour-group-hires-disabled-guides-cut-lines/6-a-536283

As a special needs parent, how do you feel about this exploitation? 

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This REALLY REALLY bothers me. TREMENDOUSLY. We have a special code on my son's pass for a local amusement park, because he is special needs. I'm a bit angry that even that gets abused (with others bringing tons of people on with them). Personally, I would love to see just the child/person that is disabled along with ONE companion, two tops (in case of a sibling or something).

It's just so sickening that they feel they can do this. And for the disabled person doing this, shame on them as well. Terrible.