How do employers react to time off needs

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How do employers react to time off needs
Sun, 08-22-2004 - 11:21pm
This may be off topic for this discussion group, but I figure people on this board have to have experience with what I am asking!! My question is:

For anyone who works/ spouse works in industry, how understanding is your employer to time off you need for your child's doctor's appointments, therapy, etc.?

I have worked for four different companies and while two supposedly had flex time, in actuality I was a salaried employee which meant you had to be there whenever you were needed. Are there any companies that really let you have the time off you need? I don't believe in pretending I am sick so unless they allow sick time to be used for children, then I would not do it. I would take a salary cut to give me more vacation!!

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Wed, 08-25-2004 - 11:34pm
Dh and I have always been hourly wage employees. Right now I'm a sahm (lost a few jobs due to all of dd's appts) but am going back to work soon. DH gets PTO, as long as he doesn't use up whatever time he's accrued. He can use sick pay if somebody in the family is sick or going to the dr. For other things he must use vacation or personal time. We've both had employers that aren't too happy when we need time off for "unimportant things like that because can't a babysitter or someone else do it?" We've always made it clear that we will be happy to come in early or work late another day, but we MUST have that time off, regardless of how anybody feels about it. Dh's current boss is used to it, she makes a point of grumbling and complaining, but he ignores her and she eventually quits. Yes, I wish employers were more understanding, to say the least.