How to get DH over it?

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How to get DH over it?
Wed, 08-29-2007 - 12:24pm

I am not sure if all of you have gone through this, but DH just does seem to accept the fact that DS needs special devises.


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Wed, 09-19-2007 - 9:24am


I don't post here much but read often.

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Fri, 08-31-2007 - 12:47am

I had a super parent of a child in my class who referred to her child's glasses (which were super thick) and hearing aids as tools -- which is the attitude she took about them. She wanted to be sure that her child did not feel weird about wearing them, especially as adolescence approached.

Maybe if DH starts looking at these devices as DS's "tools," then he would feel better about it. That said, he will have to come about that revelation in his own time. It is hard, I am sure, when you are in a different stage of acceptance than he is, but it is a highly personal thing, the stages of grief. The more positive your attitude about it is, the better example you set for him. Also, if there is a local support group or parents group nearby, you might be able to find some other dads. One of my colleagues does a "dad's session" at various conference around my state and it is very popular. Many dads of children with disabilities have issues that are different from those of the moms. Also, since he is a dad of a child with a disability, the dads can relate to him.

Just a few thoughts for you. I hope it helps a little.