**How to keep board moving?**

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**How to keep board moving?**
Tue, 01-16-2007 - 9:43am

Hello ladies (and gents if you're out there!).

Maria :)                

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Fri, 01-19-2007 - 8:33pm
I agree with you! What if you made a folder for other issuses? I check in two three times a week with little or not action on the board so I move on is there anything I can do to help?? Jean
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Sat, 01-20-2007 - 9:47pm
Hi Maria,
Since I am not a mommy, I tend not to start many threads. I do, however, post whenever I can and when I am in town. I check the board whenever I am online. I'm not sure what else I can personally do, but I am here to support you in any way that I can.
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Wed, 01-24-2007 - 3:30pm

Hi Maria!

I think part of the problem with this board is that "special needs" is such a broad category. I have one child with severe disabilites who is 14, another child with ADHD, behavioral and mental health issues who is 12. There are others out there dealing with totally different disabilities/special needs and different ages(thus at different stages of the game). Not to say we have nothing in common with each other. I just think it is sometimes hard to bring us together, to find those common threads???

Would they let you add folders for some more specific disabilities? Maybe a folder for resources/info? I don't know, just thinking here.

I do appreciate that you try to keep the board going, though! Thank you.

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