I could use some advice

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I could use some advice
Wed, 05-07-2003 - 7:52pm
Hello, I'm new here. My name's Christi, and I live in Texas. I've got 5 kids, Sarah's 11, Delaney's 8, Peyton's 5, Tyler's 5, and Alyssa is 1. My eldest is autistic, and I am starting to have concerns about one of my 5 yr old's, Tyler.

I've known something was not quite right for a while now, but have been in denial about it. I keep hoping that he will catch up, but it's becoming obvious that something is wrong. I was online and ran across a site about learning disabilities. He fits the description to a T. Out of the 33 possible affects that that site listed, he matched 17 of them.

My question is, where do I go from here? His regular dr? Is there a specialist for this? Or can I request my daughter's special ed team to evaluate him even though he does not go to her school?

I don't know what I'm doing. My eldest is actually my stepdaughter, but I've raised her for the last 3 years so in my heart she is mine. But, I was not there for the diagnosis stages for her (hadn't met my husband yet) and my husband was in the military stationed overseas and so he does not know much about this portion either.

I'm sure you answer questions like this all the time and are sick to death of seeing this one. But I would appreciate any help anyone here can give me.


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Wed, 05-07-2003 - 10:11pm
Hi, Christi!

I think I'd start with a heart-to-heart with his regular doctor. He or she should be able to make whatever referrals from there. And I'm sure you know this, but you may have to really hound him to get this done...but do it anyway. No harm can come from checking things out.

Don't apologize for asking questions...that's what this board is for. Even if we've seen it before, we don't mind answering again.

TAke care and let us know how things go!

Lauren- Mom to Joel (9) with neuromuscular disease and orthopaedic impairment.

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Wed, 06-25-2003 - 11:39pm
Hi Christi,

I agree with Lauren. your pediatrician is the first step. If he/she yields no results within two weeks: Change doctors and contact your school district. Ask to speak with the Chairperson for the Comittee on Special Education (CSE). If that doesn't get you the actual chairperson, it will at least get you through to somebody who can explain the process to you. The school district should then set the wheels in motion to evaluate him at no cost to you. (This is how it works in my state. I think it is the same in all fifty.) There will probably be a lot of paperwork and forms to fill out, but the sooner you get him any help he may need, the sooner he will benefit from it.

The chairperson or another mom may then be able to recommend a good doctor in your district!

I hope this helps.

Good luck


(mother to two developmentally disabled preschoolers).


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