IEP problems

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IEP problems
Sat, 09-09-2006 - 8:06pm
hi guys,
I'm a newbie here. DS14 just started high school (9th grade, a new school)and already the school district is not complying with his IEP. Every year since pre-school we have had problems. And we live in a "good" district. According to his IEP, he was supposed to start working with his Resource Room teacher last Wednesday. They told me they don't have enough teachers to service all the children. They are trying to contract with an agency so he will have a Resource Room teacher on Monday. But the Resource Room teacher from the agency is only available in the morning because she travels to several different schools. He is scheduled to have Resource in the afternoon. If I didn't think he needed Resource Room, I wouldn't fight it. But he has already fallen behind and it's only the second week. He has ADD, LD and (mild) autism. He is mainstreamed. He has been doing everything he needs to do in terms of studying, written assignments, etc. How do you guys fight these things? I am so shy and afraid to speak up and I cannot get my DH to help me. There is a SEPTA group at the new school that I am going to contact for advice and help. Have you ever gone to arbitration or mediation? Does it work or was it a lot of frustration for nothing? Thanks for listening and hugs to you all. pw
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Sat, 09-09-2006 - 9:26pm
So sorry to hear of your ds struggle so early in the year. I was an IEP kid and had resouses room. I would have to fight for my rights I went to a great school my resoures teacher helped a great deal and helped "us resouses kids" understand what we could and could not do. they made middle/high school bearable. anyways regarding your son you have to keep pushing and pushing My Mom keep pushing and calling until she found someone willing to help get me an IEP. I even went to college with an IEP and had resouse room there Make phone calls go to the school talk to the deparment head the princable (sorry about the spelling I am exahusted and that has always been one of my issues)
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Sun, 09-10-2006 - 4:02am

Well, I do it as a professional ( although, as a disclaimer, I can not give you legal advice.) and have done it with my own five children. At this point, the thing to do would be to write an unemotional letter to the district letting them know that they are not following his IEP. This would simply look something like:

Dear (Head of Special Ed for the District),

My son, (name), attends (name of school). He has an IEP. In that IEP it states:

(give a quote of where it talks about being in the resource room).

To date, (name of son) has not been in the resource room. The reason that I have been given by (name of person who told you this) for that was that there were not enough teaching staff to accomodate him. As you know, this is unacceptable. (name of son)'s IEP is not being followed.

I know that you and the district want to provide my son with an appropriate education. Therefore, I am looking forward to seeing the (name of son) will be placed in the resource room within 1 school day of your receipt of this letter. If you have any questions, please call me at (phone number).


Very simple, very straight forward, no nonsense. It also documents that they have been out of compliance. This kind of letter is much more likely to get the change made than any conversation that you will have with a school staff member at this point. If this doesn't work, let me know.

BTW, ALWAYS send letters via registered mail with verification of reciept. That will tell you when the one day begins and ends with this letter, in particular. :)

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Sun, 09-10-2006 - 9:09pm
thanks guys for your help