I'm not sure where my post belongs

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I'm not sure where my post belongs
Wed, 12-10-2003 - 7:18am
I am still shaking from the new I received from my daughters school. I have constant nightmares about her future. I think about it all the time. Help!

My daughter has always struggled through school. Over the years she's been very work inhibited and not at all motivated to do well in school. We have been very supportive of her and given pushes where it's been needed. I decided to have her tested once again. She was tested in 2nd grade. Her IQ was on the low end but we've kept on with her. She is in 7th grade now. The results I received was not at all what I expected to learn. They told me she had an IQ of 75 and that she was preforming WELL above what she is expected to. This news upset me so that I did not believe it. I have spoken with several educators who believe that the test given to her was a true picture of her IQ. I'm not sure of how to proceed with her. I've told myself that we should just keep on without any special moddifications in school since she's passing and from what they say....preforming well above what her IQ says she should be. Are there any other people here who've been through this???? What did you do? Are there any other sites I need to view that you've found that will give me guidance? Help!

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Wed, 12-10-2003 - 11:14am

Hi and welcome to the board.

I have an inkling of what you are going through. My brother was born "moderately-severely mentally retarded". Based on his IQ: this is what they said, and what he did:

They said he would never learn to read or write. He learned to do both.

They said that he would never be able to live an independent life. He shared an


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Tue, 01-13-2004 - 8:21am
I think I can understand what you are going through. Our DS was adopted 3 years ago. He was 7 years old and could not feed himself or tell you his ABC's or count to 10. After we adopted him we had his IQ tested and it was 62. There was not a school for him so I homeschooled him for 2 years. Now we have moved to another state that has services for him. He is in a small school class and is working on the 1st to 2nd grade level. The docs told us he would never read or write or do math. HE IS reading on a first grade level and doing beginning math. He still has problems with self care but is making progress. What I am getting at is the Docs don't know. If what you are doing is helping, and it sounds like it is, then keep it up. She'll make it. IQ's aren't all that we need to be concerned with. The child is MORE important than a number. Keep up the good work and she'll do fine.