Insensitive thing people say...

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Insensitive thing people say...
Mon, 05-14-2007 - 11:53am

I don't think people mean to be insensitive when they say certain things to


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Wed, 05-23-2007 - 12:32am


I don't post here much but stop in and read often.

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Tue, 05-29-2007 - 3:41pm

Hello All!

I am a teacher person, not a parent, but I wanted to share with you an article I came across in my CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) newsletter.,0,4054464.story?coll=hc-headlines-life

A blurb about the book of which the article refers:

In a new book, "Shut Up About ... Your Perfect Kid!", sisters Gina Gallagher and Patricia Konjoian say they're sick of the pressure for perfection, especially as parents of children with disabilities. Parents who brag about their children's athletic, academic or artistic achievements need to be more considerate of children struggling to reach basic standards.

I hope that you find this helpful -- especially knowing that you are not alone in your feelings about insensitive remarks.

Have joy!