Interesting Day with Ruby

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Interesting Day with Ruby
Wed, 01-25-2006 - 12:03am
Where is my frazzled mom icon? LOL
It's just been a wierd day. Starts off by Ruby taking Sammy's seizure meds when I was in the bathroom. How the heck did she get the darned bottle open? She says she took 2 pills because she had a bad cough. No she didn't. Sammy takes 1 1/2 tablets, so I'm hoping that's all she got. I called poison control, they said she should be fine, except really really tired. So, I sent her to school, but I didn't want to tell the teachers, they just don't understand how things like this happen, I didn't really want a social worker knocking on my door. So I went in to visit and Ruby was indeed, fine. I observed her in speech, and she did so well! She doesn't ever talk that well at home. She's met most of her goals, so I don't know what's next. The SLT did mention they may add motor skills to her IEP. Kept my mouth shut, but I was thinking "No way in H does she need motor skills help". I was thinking about it, if they say she needs gross motor help I"ll really question that, because her gross motor has always been on time or slightly ahead. Her fine motor is a bit delayed, but I think it's her borderline perfectionism more than anything. Like when she writes her name (how many 3yo's can do that?) she gets upset because she can't make the Y very well, so she doesn't try at all. Same with tying her shoes - she doesn't understand that it's okay for her not to tie her shoes, no 3yo can do that. EIS will treat this as a delay, instead of something else, I don't think adding motor skills will help any. DH, of course, thinks she is lazy.
I suspect if her speech gets any better, she won't qualify for services and they are "finding" things to keep her on an IEP, and if nothing else they will says she needs motor skills help because Sammy does. Around there, they dislike taking kids off IEP's and will do anything to make sure an IEP follows them for the rest of thir school years.
Well, that was just part of my day, LOL. I was going to tell you all this at chat, but i didn't quite make it over there.

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Wed, 01-25-2006 - 9:35am

Sounds like it was an interesting day!



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Wed, 01-25-2006 - 6:57pm

Glad she was ok.

That is the first I have heard of schools who don't want to take kids off IEP's. Usually they are chomping at the bit to d/c any kid they deem even close to going off and parents have to fight to keep supports for kids.

If you don't agree with thier evaluations then ask for an independent one. They can't just add IEP objectives unless there is a need. Here OT's and PT's won't go near a kid unless they are horribly delayed in those areas. My kids are behind in those areas but the district doesn't consider it enough of a problem that it is interfering with thier education so no PT/OT. Then again, OT and PT were easier to get in preschool except for sensory stuff.

If you don't agree then i would have her re-evaluated. But if it is a good preschool program and she is making progress you may just want to let them keep her on the IEP so she has access to that program until kindergarten.


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Wed, 01-25-2006 - 9:55pm
I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. Her annual isn't supposed to be until May I think.
I"ll let you all know what I figure out.