Introduction, I'm a newbie!

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Introduction, I'm a newbie!
Wed, 09-08-2004 - 6:45pm
Hello to all,

I figured I could introduce my self and my kids! My name is Nyako but most people just call me Nya. I have 6 kids now all are disabled in some way. My youngest is Lilly, she is 4 and will turn 5 on october 6th. Today we finalized her adoption so I am elated at the moment. Lilly is autistic. It is not at bad as it could be, she can speak but it is really no more than Pee, drink, eat, and simple one word commands. She knows ASL to an extent so we use that and words to speak with her. She just started kindergarten yesturday at a special needs school near our home. I also work at this school as a 2nd grade teacher. Then there is Mark. Mark is 6 now and he has spineabifida. He has always been in a wheelchair and is just starting to manouver himself around the house and often gets his chair stuck in door ways an on our stair lift but he is catching on. He was put into our home as a foster child when he was 1 year old, we adopted when he was three. He also goes to the same school as Lilly (all of the kids do) Maria is 8 she has cerebral palsy, along with several other problems. She needs to be tube fed and is in diapers. she is having a hard time right now with the people laughing at her in public. She is very sensitive. The other day she came to me and said "mommy I like it in this house. my brothers and sisters are different to. And you and daddy never laugh at us" It broke my heart when she said that. but it made me happy as well, it is nice to know she feels comfortable with us. She was also placed with us through CAS and we adopted her aswell, lsat year. My twins Rorie and Rogie are 10 years old and are both deaf. They are my only biological children and I had them when I was 16. They both know ASL along with all of out kids, as it is the main form of communication in our house. I am deaf, the twins are deaf, and Lilly uses ASL as well. Last but certainly not least I have Chris, he too has spineabifida. he is 12 now and he was also placed with us by CAS we have had him since he was 6 and adopted him a year later.

My husband Cameron is a cardiologist at the local hospital. We have been married for 9 years now. We have been fortunate to gain such a large family in the past 9 years. I am 26 now and he is 28. I will soon be graduating with my degree in psycology, and I already have a nursing diploma and I have been through teacher college. For us education is a big thing at the moment.

If you ahve any question about anything I would be happy to answer any of. I have been working with disabled kids since I was 13 so I have a decent amount of knowledge about most special needs children have. Feel free to email me at I hope to be able to put my input in on this board!


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Wed, 09-08-2004 - 9:07pm

Nya, welcome to the board!



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Thu, 09-09-2004 - 5:08pm
Nya...welcome and WOW, you do have alot on your plate! 26 and 6 kids AND school, plus a hubby. (I think we all know that the hubby can bring a whole lot of work on us.LOL) My hat is off to you! I'm sure you have plenty of expertise in areas that I'll be arriving at soon. My Alicia is 6 as well and she has athetoid CP. She is in a wheelchair and is non verbal, she uses eye gaze and picture communication symbols to talk. ASL is out of the question because she doesn't have enough control over her hands...although I use a few signs with her, when I'm doing the talking. She thinks it's cool because almost no one around us knows that we are having a conversation when I sign to her! I am NOT very good at it, but I can do a few words like play and more and finished...enough that we can get the "gist" of the conversation across! Anyway welcome and hope to hear from you soon. Shelley
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Sat, 09-11-2004 - 11:29pm
Wow! You must have alot of paitence and strength to have 6 kids all with special needs. IMHO, you are nothing short of a miracle worker. Welcome, and I hope to see a lot of you here.