Introduction & short story

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Introduction & short story
Thu, 02-12-2004 - 5:58pm
Hello there,

I'm just looking for a little support. I am the proud mother of a 2 3/4 son, named Trevin. Trevin is great, but he is behind, he still isn't putting two words together, he has a lot of behaviorial and social problems as well. But he is a wonderful boy. I took him in to get an evaluation with a program called child find, which works with Denver public schools for handicapped children and the psychologist in the evaluation told me that he red-flags for autism. Are there any other parents that can relate. Is it possible for a child to have mild autism but still grow up and lead a normal life (what's normal right?). Anyway, I'm really excited that he'll be getting the help and attention that he needs but I though I might need a little support from some parents that can relate, I hope to visit this board often and get to know some of you folks out there.



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Thu, 02-12-2004 - 6:58pm

Ralene, it's wonderful to have you here and know we're here on the good and bad days!