It's MONDAY! Where is everyone?

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It's MONDAY! Where is everyone?
Mon, 03-13-2006 - 7:44am

let's do a roll step on up and say




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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 7:47am

I'll start --

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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 3:04pm
Well...let's see. Friday, March 3 Cal had tear duct surgery. The openings to his tear ducts were too narrow and they would not allow his tears to drain properly. This caused constant tearing and constant infections. His optho suggested putting tubes in his tear ducts to help open the ducts. Basically, he had reconstructive surgery by a optho who spcecializes in plastic surgery to place these tubes in in hopes that they would open the ducts. Well, what a headache this has been. Long story short, I just took Cal to the doctor this afternoon (that is why I am off today) and he has to have ANOTHER surgery this Friday to correct both tubes. Cal was rubbing his eye yesterday and one tube was pulled almost all the way out! The poor thing has a plastic tube sticking out past his eye lashes! I am SO frustrated. I kick myself in the butt for choosing to do this surgery in the first place. It wasn't something that was a MUST to do, I chose to do it to try and help him. What a mistake. This is going to be one LONG year (that is how long they stay in) if he has to have surgery every 2 weeks! WOW, my hospital bill will be crazy. I'm still trying to pay off my portion of the 20% from last year's surgery! UGH!!! That has been my day. With me, I'm feeling pretty good today. Still nauseous in the morning and have VERY tender breasts. ALL good signs for me, just hurts like the dickens! I have a first trimester screen scheduled for April 11. Has anyone had this done? Apparently, there are certain aspects on my sonogram that they can pinpoint to see if the baby has Downs. They will be looking at the area behind his/her neck. I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what they are looking for. I THINK that if the area behind the neck is thicker than typical, there is a greater chance for the baby to have DS. This is less evasive than the other alternative, CVS: chorionic villi sampling. With a CVS they will have to go into my placenta to retrieve cells. My doctor wants to do the less evasive one first and if the results do not look promising I will have to have this CVS. There is just a lot of pain and a higher risk of miscarriage. Well, if you want me to continue my family saga: my husband is just now getting over Shingles. He was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago. Anyone who calls our house goes down the list, how is...! When problems occur in our house, they occur all at once. My husband was totally hands-off, quarantined into the basement for 2 weeks. He breaks out 1 week before Cal's first surgery. I would have killed him if Cal got the chicken pox right before his surgery. Since Cal had the shot he was ok. Cliff is dried up now, just has a lot of pain in the affected area when he becomes stressed. What would he need to be stressed about? Cal-surgeries, Amber-pregnant. Who would worry???LOL Well, nothing else is going on, so I'm going to sign off now. I'm hoping that I will be able to join one of our chats this week. My goal this week is to stay awake past 9!!! ; )
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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 3:32pm
Oh Amber!



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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 3:40pm

I was at an IEP meeting - didn't you see my head spinning?

It was for Kyle - diagnosis of dysgraphia for qualifications for help for next school year.

Got lots of services but now I have to sit-down and re-read all the details that they read to me at the meetings.

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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 4:04pm

I wasn't sure you wanted me to mention that your head was spinning!



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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 5:26pm

*Raising my hand and trying to touch the sunny sky!!!* :)

I have news. My middle ds and gf are pregnant. I just found out last night. Probably a November baby. He is talking about marrying her. GULP I don't think that I'm ready for him to marry this girl. She's mentally ill, knows it, and does nothing about it but make false police reports about having been raped, etc. >SIGH<


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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 6:11pm
Hi everyone we are on spring break this week. We went and saw The Shaggy dog today. That was really cute. We are cleaning house tomorrow how fun. Then the next day we are going to the Ft Worth Science museum and staying the night in a hotel near my friend. We are going to swim some there as well. Dawn

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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 6:38pm

Hi :)


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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 8:31pm
We are on spring break this week. Took my two older kids swimming while baby mayson and i watched. did some shopping at the mall too. we are going to go see shaggy dog this week and who knows what else. Thank goodness mayson is such a good baby!!!!
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Mon, 03-13-2006 - 10:59pm
I have been really sick, the antibiotics are just starting to work and I started them on Fri!!
Oh, we finally got Sammy's boots dry (yep, it took all week) then they smelled bad, so they went in the washer and dryer and still smell, but I hope the febreeze will take care of that. Actually, I make my own febreeze with clean breeze downy, and it smells SO good, I'm actually addicted to that scent, LOL.