Jarrett's MRI

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Jarrett's MRI
Thu, 06-01-2006 - 10:25am

Jarrett had his MRI Tues. Things went well from an anesthesia standpoint. No Versad this time!!! He woke up a little teary, but just wanted his mom. It's nice to be wanted once and awhile, it's to bad it takes drugs to bring it out in them!!! It did show a defect at L5, but since it's not teathered there's nothing they can do for it. We have to watch when he has a growth spurt that he doesn't have back pain. They'll repeat the MRi if he does. I again was so hoping for an "easy" fix that wasn't there. Now he basically has to just live with it. kHis last day of school was yesterday and the other 2 are done today. Now the real fun starts. Fights,boredom, all the perks of 3 months of free time!!


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Thu, 06-01-2006 - 9:14pm
Don't you just LOVE summer break? GRRRR

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Fri, 06-02-2006 - 8:42am

Gretchen, sorry to hear the results weren't more definitive for you.



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Tue, 06-06-2006 - 11:20am
I am sorry to hear that
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