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Lou - GCCANDLEMOM - ? for you
Tue, 02-07-2006 - 2:50pm

Hi Lou
I read your intro below and wanted to know if you can answer some of my questions. First I would like to say your son sounds like he is getting great care from you and I cant belive wic called social services on you. Grrrr - that would really piss me off!

I've only posted once on this board since I never really got a response back from other CP moms. I have a neice that I care for that has CP. When did you get the diagnoses from your son? My neice was an identical twin and there were many complications during pregnancy. It was a twin-to-twin pregnancy, and I belive that is what caused the CP. We noticed something was just not right when Sydney (one of the twins) started developing a really different-looking skull. she also had been having some staring spells. So we took her in for an MRI and it turned out that she did indeed have a stroke (they dont know if it was while she was in utero, during childbirth, or immediately after she was born becuase she had heart surgery to repare a closed valve. I am thinking she didn't receive enough oxygen due to her closed valve, and she suffered a stroke then.

Well the MRI also diagnosed Sydney with CP. She goes to physical therapy once a week and i belive it is helping her. Unfortanately we wont know the extent of the damage until she is atleast 2 years old. we wont know if she will be able to walk, talk, or do other things. It's very sad. How do you get the strength to go through this? Also, how soon after birth did you find out your son had CP? Did he also have a stroke?

Well it was nice to hear your story Lou, and I hope we can chat soon.


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