Me and hubby had a fun day together.(m)

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Me and hubby had a fun day together.(m)
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 5:21pm
yesterday.My mom kept the kids for a while.Me and hubby went to the Goodwill Store and he bought me a pretty dress to wear.I had been needing another one for a while now.And then we went to his parents house.His sister went on a school trip to Florida last week and she had got us a gift so we went and got it.She got us a glass magnet set of the Noah's Ark seen.It is pretty.We were there for 20 minutes and hubby's mom had to start a arguement over what kind of church we should go to.It's been a while since me and hubby and the kids have been in church so we told his mom that we thought about going to my friend's church for a while.It's a Baptist church.Oh his mom didn't like that.She doesn't want us in a Church Of Christ or in a Church Of God or a Baptist Church.She wants us to be in a non-dominational(sp?)church like the one they are in.His dad was a preacher and stepped down from it because he has Leukemia so someone else took his place.There are alot more people coming to that church now since the new preacher took over.We like that church and all but it's a hour drive from here and then it's a hour drive back.Hubby said that's too far for us to go.I told her what church does it matter as long as we are in church and we are worshipping God and Jesus?She said it did matter I was like ok whatever.There are nothing wrong with those churchs in my opinion that she said that we shouldn't go to.I use to go to a Church Of God when I was growing up.Anyways,we told her we were leaving so she didn't get to say anything else about it,LOL.I know if we had stayed longer she would had been argueing with us all night.She has to start something everytime we go down there.I am getting to the point that I hate going.After we left we went out to eat at Ryan's Steakhouse,that's where me and DH met at and it's also our favorite place to eat at.After we left from the restraunt we went and picked up the kids at my mom's and dad's.They said they were good while we were gone.So that was good.We came home the kids fell asleep watching cartoons and then me and hubby had husband and wife time,LOL.Sorry to add that,LOL,like you really wanted to know that,LOL.Then we watched tv and put the kids in bed and then we went to bed.Sorry for the long dragged out story.