My poor baby broke his arm!

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My poor baby broke his arm!
Sat, 07-15-2006 - 9:30pm

I always though it would be David that would have the first broken bone.Well it was older brother Devin that did that. I took them to Mc Donalds to play as I was babysitting my friends 2 kids and though it would be fun.Well while I was getting the food older ds and the kids went and played.I walked up to the table and he was like I fell on my are. He said like in a matter of fact way. I didn't take him to serious at first as he really doesn't handel pain well.

Well he wasn't eating much and that is unusal.He are was hurting more and more. So we went home early from Mc Donalds.Something just didn't feel right about his arm and he was unable to move it with out it hurting. So I called my friend took her kids home there dd is 12 and babysat her brothers and David till they could get home. Well at the er we found out he broke his arm both bones.It

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Mon, 07-17-2006 - 11:40pm

Oh no! I'm not sure if I feel worse for him or you having to deal with all of that.

Hope he has a speedy recovery and keep us updated!