Need advice on ID for child with downs

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Need advice on ID for child with downs
Tue, 09-05-2006 - 10:58am

My dd is almost 13 has downs sydrome. In the past month she has been in not one but two situations where she was seperated from me in bad situations. Last month while out of town with many people she got seperated at the hotel everyone thought someone else had her. She had been missing about 30 minutes when we figured out no one had her. We were not registered at the hotel in my name so even though she knew her name and mine it did no good. By the time I found her there were 4 squad cars at the hotel trying to locate me. I got a strong lecture (well deserved) and a tearful reunion but I know it could have turned out much worse. From that moment on our hotel and room number were written on her arm.

This morning a new incident occured. I go to work at 4AM and my kids get themselves off to school. One is in college one in high school and then Tabitha is in elementary. On Tuesdays my college student has to be in class at 7AM before the school bus comes, and my high schooler is responsible for getting the youngest on her bus. This morning she got to the bus stop late and he left with his buddies leaving her on the corner alone and under normal circumstances with no one home. It just happens I have out of town company that found her alone and we got her to school but my mind of course is going "what if"

Tabitha can not learn phone numbers well, and while she knows where she lives and how to get there she would have under normal circumstances been locked out of the house and she would have been terrified. Believe me by the time this day is done I can assure this situation will never ever happen again but it has made me realize I need a way to help her if she gets seperated in an odd situation. Something that has her name my name and cell phone number on it. I'm thinking jewelry or something does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do in a way she will be safe. Now that she's getting older she tends to want more independance and it's putting her in unsafe situations.

Thanks in advance

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Tue, 09-05-2006 - 3:47pm

I read about these one time in a runner's magazine. It might be something to consider. Since it attaches on to her shoe it might help keep it from getting accidentally lost or taken off.

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Tue, 09-05-2006 - 9:23pm
That must have so scarry for you!!
When my uncle had altimers (SP) he wondered off from day care, and did not remember where he lived he thought he still live in the city and started walking home, anyway my aunt got him a really nice ID Braclet that had his name on it and on the inside all his info.
This might be a nice idea for you DD if she like jelery and would keep it on!!
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