need to toughen up ds - help please!

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need to toughen up ds - help please!
Sat, 07-15-2006 - 9:05am

Hi All,
ds is 8 - going into 3rd grade. He is a very sweet boy. He's very shy and timid. He loves school and does well (we have our issues with reading, but are working on that). He loves being with his friends, but he cries easily. dd told me yesterday at camp, ds got hit by a hoola hoop (accidently), and he started to cry! Now, I don't think other 8 and up kids are going to be too understanding of this. He cries at home when he's upset - doesn't get his way.

Now, I should also explain that ds does have some develomental delays and has undergone evaluations since he was 2 1/2 (has a speech and language disorder).

So, any ideas on how to toughen ds up without hurting his self-esteem? I was considering Tae Kwon Do (sp?)which we tried a couple years ago and it was a bust - but I'm willing to try again. Another example - ds has played about 4 seasons of soccer and is very timid about kicking the ball. He's always right there running with it, but too timid to "get in there".

thanks for any help

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Sat, 07-15-2006 - 9:18pm

Hi there and welcome to the board.I don't think you can toughen your little guy that is something he will have to do.My 8 your old is the opposite he becomes angry really easily and the kids at school are catching on to that.Kids are very perceptive aren't they.Btw my 8 year old is going into 2nd grade.

We tried tae kwon do as well but didn't work as he is I want to do what I want to do kind of kiddo.If it was too hard and he couldn't do it then he would become really upset and angery.So for us it didn't work for us either.It's tough my little guy hates to lose as well.So hugs to you and your ds.I wish I new what to say but I keep hoping David will start maturing soon.


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