Nephew born w/meconium aspiration (m)

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Nephew born w/meconium aspiration (m)
Tue, 06-10-2003 - 9:55am
Can anyone tell me if there's a board to go to for information about this? Or is there anyone here who has experienced this? I know basically what happened but I'd really like to hear from parents who have experienced this. My nephew is only 5 days old and is in the NICU. He is having seizures which is not a good sign but he is breathing on his own - he was only on a respirator for a few hours the day he was born - which is a good sign. Apparently the main concern at this point is brain damage caused by the delay in oxygen getting to his brain while the meconium was still in his lungs.

It's my SIL's first baby and everything was good right up until he was born I guess - although I've read that the meconium aspiration actually occurs in the womb and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. I don't know why they didn't test the amniotic fluid for meconiun but I guess they didn't see a need - no one knew it was happening. My SIL went 11 days after her due date - the OB wanted to induce after 7 but she wanted to wait and go naturally. I'm not sure if that would have prevented it. And finally I've read that this happens when the baby is in distress - my questions about that are why didn't they know the baby was in distress, at what point did that happen and why didn't they tell my SIL and DH during the labor? It's very sad - they've each only been able to hold the baby once and SIL wants to nurse so badly but it's not safe to yet as they don't know if the baby is capable of ingesting safely. They've done an MRI and EEG and I don't think they've learned the results yet. I get most info through my MIL b/c I don't want to bother SIL and DH with questions. My MIL seems to think the doctors can't really say conclusively what the damage is or what to expect.

Any help here would be great...

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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 2:27pm
Sorry, no knowledge or advice, just wanted to wish you the best. It sounds like a very hard thing to be going through!