New and weight question

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New and weight question
Wed, 01-11-2006 - 9:26am
Hi, I just popped on last night and thought you guys might have some advice for me about my son.
Mitchell was born Dec.16,2004 with the mosaic form of trisomy 13. He has had numerous surgeries including cleft lip/palate repair and tracheostomy. Anyway...
We are trying to keep him from having the NG tube and so we have to get him to maintain his weight and get him to gain-I know he can do it on his own. He can take a good amount of formula-but spits it up sometimes. He eats solids but only smooth solids-he's getting better with chunkier ones. Any ideas to keep his weight up?
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Wed, 01-11-2006 - 1:20pm

Hi Katie,

I don't have any advice, but Congrats on getting the ng tube out! I hope that he can keep his weight up!


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Wed, 01-11-2006 - 11:09pm
I don't have any experience with NGtubes, so I may not be too helpful. Do you think your ds could have some Pediasure? It has more nutrients and calories than formula, so it might help his weight gain, if his doctor thinks it's okay.
Welcome to the board and keep us updated!

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Thu, 01-12-2006 - 9:10am

Katie, we're very happy you've joined us!



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Mon, 01-16-2006 - 9:16am

Hi Katie! When our dd was little we also had weight concerns(no longer a problem). We were able to see a nutritionist who gave us some helpful suggestions--would you be able to see one? Our dd is now 13 so I don't remember all the things we tried. I just remember buying heavy cream and adding that to anything we could. Just think of any high fat, high calorie foods(not neccessarily junk food). Peanut butter can be thinned with milk or put into applesauce to add calories. As already suggested, Pediasure is good--we used a lot of that. Even though it's not high calorie, I added powdered milk to a lot of her food because it added calcium and protein and some calories. My dd loves ice cream so we tried to give her the yummy, most fattening kind we could find. Like Mitchell, she always did and still does best with the softer foods so that does make it a bit tougher. Okay, I am not much help here because I just can't remember what else the nutritionist suggested(oh, don't forget butter!). I do want to give you encouragement, though. If you think he can avoid a tube, I'll bet he can. Our dd is very severely involved(CP, seizures, severe/profound MR) and she has never had to have a tube even though most kids I have known with the same issues are tube fed. Best wishes to you and your little guy--(I love his name!).